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My Silent Angels Nursery! 

Remember how it feels to cuddle a baby? The feeling of a newborn in your arms? To touch the petal soft skin, count the tiny toes and fingers, and touch their tiny little rosebud mouth?

Whether you are a doll collector,
or someone looking for a very special  handmade gift-
if you want to cherish  a lifetime memory
of a very special baby,
your own Angel will be created just for you. 

Through the special
and intricate  craft  of reborn dolls artistry,
  my Silent Angels are created with special attention
to each precious detail.
Every Angel becomes unique. 
Each dimple, each little finger,  tiny wrinkle and wispy hair is created with a realism so true that it will be impossible to believe it is only a doll!

It will become for you a treasure to love.

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             Please Note:
  It has come to my attention that someone else is making and selling dolls under my name and this Nursery name. Please be sure you are getting the real thing by emailing me at this address only:
  If you have received a doll that is not comparable to the dolls on these pages and you suspect someone else has sold it under my name please contact me with a photo of the doll in question. If you are aware of who might be doing this please advise me.
   Thank you!